Pregnancy Complications


Pregnancy complications are difficult events, or happenings, that can take place in different phases of a pregnancy. Some actually happen after you give birth. Many times, they are unpredictable. Knowing all possible risk factors that may apply to your own health during your pregnancy is a surefire way to help prevent possible complications.

Placenta previa is a rare, but serious condition that can occur. This is when the cervix is blocked by the placenta. It can be harmful to both mother and child. There are a variety of problems that you can encounter while pregnant. Some are related to genetics; such as Trisomy, and others in which can be treated if detected early enough. Iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy is a pregnancy complication that should be tested starting from your first prenatal visit, and continue on throughout. Anxiety during pregnancy is a common complication that can start as early as conception.

It’s absolutely up to you to take control of your health at this time in order to protect your baby!

Thorough communication with your doctor to address concerns and any questions you may have is both efficient and effective. This is why having a consistent, on hand guide to reference from, is the way to go. I have experienced particular pregnancy complications during my third pregnancy. Being pregnant with my fourth is a whole new ball game. This is where the “core” of the creation of this website is derived.

Do your homework, ladies! Not being prepared, educated on serious signs of pregnancy complications can be your hardest, most painful downfall. You can also be at risk for depression in pregnancy which is known as Postpartum Depression, or PDD.

I’ve definitely learned the hard way that a large percentage of the time, you must go with your own instincts. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! I immediately began to arm myself with as much research as possible so that I knew what to ask my doctor.

I have many solid years in the dental field, but the lingo of medical pregnancy is a whole different world!

“The loss of my son put me in a mode where I felt that I HAD TO find out as much information as possible, and begin a passionate pursuit to share my knowledge with other expectant mothers.”

I researched piles and piles of medical records from my previous pregnancy and c-section. I plowed through numerous books and websites, comparing my history and diagnosis to gather my data. Incompetent cervix and placenta abruption or abruptio placentae are my recorded medical findings. These two complications aided in the premature birth of my son.

These complications, as well as others are discussed in the following sections of this eBook.

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