Anxiety during Pregnancy


Have you suffered anxiety during pregnancy? It isn’t as uncommon as you may think! It is in fact VERY common!

What causes anxiety during pregnancy?

The chemical and physical changes in your body during pregnancy are often to blame.

On the physical end, hormones are going crazy while blood sugar levels are fluctuating. When you breathe, when your digestion and circulation changes, when your body is providing for your unborn baby, all of this and more can strike up an anxiety attack during pregnancy.

Fear of delivery, raising your baby can clearly derive from the psychological end of anxiety.

Many cases of anxiety and pregnancy can include a variety of pregnancy complications such as experiencing a recent miscarriage or loss of a child. A natural fear of having a repeat can make your experience uneasy.

An unstable relationship with your spouse or the child’s father is a common cause as well.

Women need support emotionally from family and friends. Not having that in place can lead to stress which then causes anxiety.

Job situations can create stressful situations in a woman’s life.

* Pregnant women have so many different and unique situations going on in their lives. With that being said, it creates a door that is spread wide open for many stressful situations.

Now do you see why anxiety during pregnancy is so common?

What You Can Do:

Anxiety and pregnancy are not a good combination. It is best to resolve some issues that can be taken care of between you and your loved ones. Consult with your doctor about your plans to become pregnant, or to express the fact that you are. Based on your history and family situations you both can come up with a concrete plan. This may involve medication, or strategies to overcome pregnancy anxiety.

Work on developing a stronger connection/ relationship with your husband/spouse. You need as much support and love at this time.

Talk with your family and friends on a regular basis about stressful events and happenings.

Look to finding other ways to lessen stress at work. Perhaps having assistance from helpful co-workers, or if you can move some of your work to your home environment. Some times working in a less pressured area can relieve some stress.  At the end of this eBook, I will show you how to start your own internet business.   

Practice relaxation techniques. Work through a list of hobbies that you may be interested in.

Be sure to do what is best for your baby. Stress and anxiety can result in low birth weight for your baby.

* There are some anxiety medicines that are safe for your baby during pregnancy and while breast feeding. Consult with your doctor.

* Be aware that although anxiety during pregnancy can be lessened, symptoms may return during postpartum.

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